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you use common sense.
Revelation you can understand..
also my Armageddon eBook. Kindle.

Hi, from Hendrik

If you see this page you will see that I have three areas concerning the living God I serve.

The first is my main Web Site You Must Repent. The above menu navigation goes to the main web site so if you click onto videos wait for the videos to load.

The second my manuscript Revelation You can Understand I put it together after I was recovering from cancer 2009-2010. I am in the process of bringing this manuscript up to date. A lot has happened over the last 8 years. It will return into an eBook through Amazon Kindle etc. The manuscript in place will remain because a lot of people visit, thousands according to my stats. The new Revelation You Can Understand will be user friendly for smart phones or any other device.

The third is my Armageddon Houston that was published November 2016. Information is below the chapters.

These chapters go to my original mauscript Revelation you can understand.

Chapter 1 has an introduction about me (Hendrik).
2 and 3 .... 4.... 5.... 6.... 7.... 8.... 9.... 10 .... 11.... 12.... 13.... 14.... 15 and 16.... 17 and 18.... 19.... 20.... 21 and 22

my E-Book
"Armageddon Houston."

What a journey you will experience. A climax ending you will never expect.

If you look, Kindle gives you 4 chapters to view before deciding to buy.

I think it is the best $6.61 you will have spent on a Christian Novel, with 52 chapters and 213 pages.

If you are in a megachurch in America, maybe USA, Texas also hey: such as, Lakewood church Houston, North Point Community Church Alpharetta, LifeChurch Edmond, Willow Creek Community Church South Barrington, Fellowship Church Grapevine, NewSpring Church Anderson, Church of the Highlands Birmingham, Saddleback Church Lake Forest, Southeast Christian Church Louisville, Gateway Church Southlake, Central Christian Church Henderson, Phoenix First Assembly of God Phoenix and Second Baptist Church Houston.

I believe you will enjoy this novel, Armageddon located in Houston a few minutes away from Lakewood church.

My list had these megachurches over 20,000 members which may have changed 2016.

Revelation and Armageddon, Jesus, Gabriel, God, Apollyon, Satan, Harlot and more a reality, even though the world ignore it all as myth. Anyway have a read. Hendrik.

Setting: Home Information

"Armageddon Houston." was published November 2016 .

This page simple shows where Armageddon came from and the players can be seen further down the page. The chapters on the menu were work in progress. The Novel Armageddon Houston is finished and has been edited for you to enjoy this novel.

Click image to look at my novel Armageddon Houston. Armageddon The completed novel is over 213 pages and can be purchased here in Amazon Kindle Books. Kindle $6.61. Paperback $6.99. You may be a Christian or not. Maybe in a church. Hey, megachurch. Revelation, Armageddon a novel for you to enjoy. The book for yourself or friends.

To be purchased here in Amazon Kindle Books. $6.61.
Click red text below to go into Amazon Kindle books. 213 pages.

Kindle. Armageddon, Houston, Aspiration. $6.61.

Click red text below to go into Amazon Paperback. 194 pages. Different cover to the Kindle also a new cover when you order, that can be seen before you confirm order.

Paperback. Armageddon, Houston, Aspiration. $6.99.

Aspiration church is a fiction story a few miles from Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas.

"Armageddon Houston." It will appear as an E-Book such as Kindle. See Kindle Books .

The Goal for "Armageddon Houston." is to be a good read and in the process for you to thirst for a closer walk with Jesus Christ. If you are not in the Kingdom of God come. Jesus invites you to come. Come!

My name is Hendrik de Jong and I live in Deepwater Australia. Houston America which is where the action is about 13000 kilometres away. I am the Writer and started the work on the novel, 2014

"Armageddon, Houston can be "Your Life" This novel came out of my personal walk with Jesus Christ a living God active in my life and probably your life.

Aspiration is a 50,000 seat Church and being the largest Church in America is the core of "Armageddon, church called Aspiration." Players are trying to take over Aspiration from Hope Israel who is Senior Pastor.

Each Player is a complete journey or life for that person. A favorite you can see their life. Hopes and disasters.

Armageddon Houston, a megachurch. has a foundation in the Bible. The Player's concepts and action find their home in the Bible.

Enjoy the journey and if you want to help me you can. I am an Evangelist chosen by God not Man



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Archive information still relevant today 2016

You must repent is well known in the religious world, churches, denominations.
Repenting is simply listening to Jesus Christ, you think about what he says and then you either accept what he says or ignore, take no interest. Freedom in the Kingdom of God is such God has indicated you make the choice. You say yes, or no to Jesus that is your right.
Should you repent?
Can you repent?
I will repent later. Will you?
Jesus call to you. Will you repent as he asks?
Maybe I will repent. Will you?
Probably you say, I will never repent. Will you never?
I hope you do repent when Jesus asks you. If he asks will you?
The time accept the invite from Jesus is now. Do not put it off the opportunity to repent, the call may not come your way again
If you do not understand who Jesus is, you will be lost in your sins.
What then?
God will do what is right and he has said when you die and leave this world, earth you will give an account as to what you did while alive on the earth.

This Web Site is a door way to thousands of pages I have developed over a lot of years and as you go down this page you will see and overview in each section and you can decide to research more by clicking away.

Life is extremely clever because you can never imagine you will be gone.
Yet gone you will be and people will only know you.
Oh! He, Her are gone.
The reality is what God has always said. "When you die you will give an account to me.
That is the reality, when you leave this world you will not be gone. Listen! God's Traits. Change your own life.

Below are five small videos each only run for about 4 minutes
The first is the good news your soul is right with God. The next one the call to come to Jesus and the third how to come. Forth why God acts the way he does. Last why me Lord

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A time for action

I wonder if you can understand what I have been saying? Maybe, maybe not. I hope you do.

The gallery has a message about repenting or not. You will do what ever you like. You can and have the right to ignore Jesus and his father. To be in the Kingdom of God you need to have God's Spirit. Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is like the wind you cannot see it but you know it lives in you the spirit of God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is working in your heart, mind and propells you to act.

It is real to the recipient, but others cannot know unless they repent are born again. Then you have your flesh and the spirit. Two personalities living in you.

God's Spirit is stronger then the flesh if you feed the Holy Spirit. Conversely if you feed the flesh then it will kill your spirit. To live in the flesh is death. To live in the spirit is life.

Do not make the wrong decisions in this area of your life.

When you die and go there is no second chance.
You have read about it.
You have heard it.
Now act on it.
Act on what!
What you have just read or heard.
Jesus's invite to you is come.

Being wise is the ability to make the right decisions

Bible, God's word . A reality is God, Jesus, Holy Spirit is alive

It is so easy to put things off. The time to act is right now. If you think what I am saying makes sense then reach out to Jesus.
If you hear, read and believe and you have come to Jesus you have eternal life you will never see death

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